Blackcoin-More Docker Images

Blackcoin-More Docker Images


Blackcoin-More-Ubuntu (265.27 MB)

  1. docker pull blackcoinnl/blackcoin-more-ubuntu-x86_64:v2.13.2.7
  2. docker run -itd  -v /home/$USER/.blackmore:/.blackmore --network=host --name=blackmore blackcoinnl/blackcoin-more-ubuntu-x86_64:v2.13.2.7 bash
  3. docker exec -itd blackmore blackmored -daemon
  4. docker exec -it blackmore blackmore-cli help

Blackcoin-More-Minimal (9.23 MB)

  1. docker pull blackcoinnl/blackcoin-more-minimal-x86_64:v2.13.2.7
  2. docker run -itd  -v /home/$USER/.blackmore:/.blackmore --network=host --name=blackmore blackcoinnl/blackcoin-more-minimal-x86_64:v2.13.2.7 blackmored
  3. docker exec -it blackmore blackmore-cli help


You should build your own docker images if you have a significant amount of BLK. For that you can use the moreBuilder script.

It builds the two docker images above. From start to finish you interactively adjust variables like Timezone and Git Repo. When done it will push the resulting images to your dockerhub.

Just clone the moreBuilder repo, log into Docker Hub, and run `moreBuilder/`.

You can use all the defaults other than DockerHub Account Name (otherwise it won't work with your DockerHub).