Contributors Code of Conduct

Contributors Code of Conduct

  1. Look for and follow existing formats.

  2. Listen to and respect moderators and admins.

  3. Posting anything remotely resembling spam channel will result in an immediate ban. Better safe than sorry!

  4. No advertising of any kind (servers, products, services etc) without explicit approval from the moderator team.

  • Referral links, coin addresses, and suspicious sites will be immediately removed, and will result in an immediate ban.
  1. Personal attacks will not be tolerated!

  2. ALWAYS make backups, any wallet, or important data (private keys) must be backed up in a secure manner. It's up to the user to choose which backup method will be used.

  3. This project produces open-source software, provided as-is with no warranty.

  4. Please remember, any safety tips are just opinions by Blackcoin community members, they're not supposed to constitute a definite guide on security. you as user are completely responsible over your own security, please take time to evaluate every step followed and make sure to be as safe as possible.

Being a part of this project is a privilege that can be lost, not a right to which you are entitled. Remember this in all your interactions with other people.

This Code of Conduct may change at any time.