Little Ball Pinball - Local Tournament - "CLASS OF 1812"

Little Ball Pinball - Local Tournament - "CLASS OF 1812"

8/12 participants

  • Every participant need to have its own Blackcoin wallet with some funds to be listed on the tournament.
  • 3 plays for each player to get the sum of the scores as the player score.
  • extra balls allowed, not Specials.
  • In case that at the end of the game, the player win a credit with the match termination, the player can choose from play again (in case that the game score was not good) or just leave it. In case to choose play it again, previous score will be deleted automatically.
  • There was a practice day to play for free and become familiar with the "CLASS OF 1812" the playing field.

Each participant will receive (100 BLK)!

This address (BN2aYi6DeJwei2U5yMK8FVJNAKC4PgvvQB) accepts donations from the Blackcoin community members.
  • There is no need for big donations, just donate to participate in the game!
  • 80% of the BLKs received this wallet will be distributed in prizes for 1st (70%) and 2nd  place (30%) of the championship.
  • The other 20% will be given to the venue and pinball machine owner.
  • Personal Donations to Pana (host) are always welcome! (BL7qavac1F48WtHo3hK4WKqRGmZno3qk8x)

The wallet chosen this time was Coinomi wallet to share with new users

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