Manually Update Node List

Manually Update Node List

Older clients may have trouble connecting to the network to synchronize if you have not connected in a long time.

What are nodes?

A node is a client IP address on the network.
Nodes act as a point of connection to the network.
Your client needs to connect to other nodes in order to download the blockchain and relay transactions.

Newly updated clients come will a fresh node list, which you keep updated when connecting to the network.
If you have not connected your old client in a long time you’ll have to add nodes manually.
You can do this from your client-qt application's Debug console (blackcoin-qt, blackmore-qt), or the cli application (blackcoind or blackmored), or by adding a list to your configuration file.

Find nodes!

Pick 8 IP addresses

Using the Debug Console or CLI

You can find the debug window under the help dropdown menu (HELP -> DEBUG WINDOW). Open your console window. If you are using CLI I assume you know how to issue commands.

Add nodes!

This is the command :

addnode <IPADDRESS> add|remove|onetry

Do not use <> around the IP address!

Using configuration file

To add a complete node list to your client’s .conf file.

Data directory locations:

  • Linux:
  • Windows:
  • Mac:
    ~/Library/Application Support/blackcoin/
    ~/Library/Application Support/blackmore/

Then you just need to start it up!

Nodes should be added in the .conf file.
If you do not find a .conf file you’ll have to create one.
To create a .conf file all you have to do is copy the client folder name, create a text document and save it as clientname.conf (eg: blackcoin.conf).

  1. Open the .conf file in a text editor
  2. Paste in a node lists
  3. Save the .conf file
  4. Restart your client

That’s it!
Your client should now connect to the network and start synchronizing.

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