Wrapped Blackcoin on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Wrapped Blackcoin on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Wrapped Blackcoin on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
This is the contract address for wBLK on BSC0xd2cDfD5d26dfA1D11116B9ED7DBd7C6B88C6e1D3Blackcoin, a community driven blockchain project stand up and running s...

Blackcoin is a community driven blockchain project running since 2014. Blackcoin was started with No pre-mined coins and was the first Bitcoin-like blockchain to move from Proof of work to become pure proof of stake.

What you may notice from some of the older projects like Bitcoin or Blackcoin, is the community is laser focused on development which sometimes leaves new users searching for answers.

We hope to answer some of those questions here with some tips, tricks and directions for wrapped-Blackcoin on the Binance smart chain. One of the Blackcoin community members, Pana, has put together a great video describing how to wrap Blackcoin in the video above.  

Step 1.  Visit Wrapping.services

If you want to wrap Blackcoin you need to Visit our friends at Wrapping services by following this link to https://wrapping.services/get/blk/.

Step 2. Make sure you have a web wallet installed on your browser.

You will need to have an active web3 wallet like the Binance wallet shown in the video or a different Web wallet like the Metamask.

Step 3. You may have to enter the Wblk Contract address to see it in your Web wallet.

Go to the bottom of your token list in your web wallet. You will see IMPORT TOKENS.

This is the contract address for wBLK on BSC 0xd2cDfD5d26dfA1D11116B9ED7DBd7C6B88C6e1D3

You will need to copy the wBLK address above and paste it in import tokens.

Step 4. Fill in the BLK-wBLK swap information.

Copy and paste your Receiving address in the wBlk Address BSC bar. Fill out how much BLK you would like to Wrap onto the Binance Smart Chain. After filling in the information click the big blue button call SWAP.

Step 5. After clicking Swap copy the BLK address on the order form.

Use the copied Blackcoin address to send your BLK to be wrapped and wait for the order form to verify you made the transaction. It will look like this:

Congratulations! You have wrapped Blackcoin. You can now use it anywhere accepted on the Binance smart chain.

Now lets turn that wBLK back to BLK. Go to https://wrapping.services/get/blk/

You are going to need to have your Blackcoin receiving address ready for this.

We are going to use the Web wallet to accomplish this task. To use the web wallet go to WALLET.BLACKCOIN.NL\#WALLET

After loading the web wallet click Wallet and sign in.  That will bring you to the open wallet page above. Copy that BLK address under the QR code.

Paste The BLK address in the red box above and click swap.

That will bring up this order form.

Copy the wBlk address in the orange square.

Paste the address into your EVM Web wallet address bar and send the EXACT transfer amount or THE FUNDS WILL BE LOST.

Click Send

After clicking send you will receive a Confirmation order within minutes. If you do not receive the Confirmation order you have done something wrong.

If you have received the confirmation order then Congratulations on your successful unwrapping of Blackcoin.

Since we are community driven we work on donations. It would be greatly appreciated if you find this video useful to donate to the creators.

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This is the contract address for wBLK on BSC 0xd2cDfD5d26dfA1D11116B9ED7DBd7C6B88C6e1D3

Thank you!!!

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