Blackcoins for Black Lives

Blackcoins for Black Lives

Since the beginning Blackcoin has attracted a more progressive audience. People who worry about the environmental impact of Bitcoin's energy intensive mining are naturally attracted to Blackcoin's decentralized Proof of Stake (PoSv3).

In addition to environmental concern, on 2020-10-24, in Block 3258426, someone used the Blackcoin blockchain to express their social justice concerns while burning the "dust" from recent attacks.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter OP_RETURN in the Blackcoin Blockchain

Blackcoin is a decentralized project, and nobody has claimed responsibility, so we can't know who left this anonymous message.

For those not familiar with with the project: The "Black" in "Blackcoin" is not itself a reference to skin color, but to the financial term for "not being in debt". This name comes from Blackcoin's history as the first 100% Proof of Stake coin based on Bitcoin, and participation not requiring sunk costs in expensive mining equipment and an ever rising electricity bill.

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