Help with simple development tasks.

This is the branch we are using:

you can clone the single branch:
git clone --single-branch --branch blackcoin-more-dev blackcoin-more-dev

Or whatever you want to call defined at the end

First compile the dependencies

cd depends
make HOST=x86_64-linux-gnu -j$(nproc)

Will take a looooooooooooooooong time, hour or so

When done.. cd back into the root of the branch

./configure --prefix=$PWD/depends/x86_64-linux-gnu --enable-glibc-back-compat --enable-reduce-exports --disable-tests --disable-bench --disable-gui-tests LDFLAGS=-static-libstdc++ 
make -j$(nproc)

I use Gitkraken to visualize the branch and the changes I make.


I use Visual Studio Code to compare and edit the codes from BTC / BLK / QTUM

Visual Studio Code

Basically, we compile and try to solve the errors by comparing the code. Besides BTC and QTUM we also compare to PPC, LTC and some other similar projects.

I use meld to compare files.

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