Scripts for using Blackcoin from the Command Line Interface

Scripts for using Blackcoin from the Command Line Interface

Blackcoin-More (Linux)

Since we have been having "dust storms" I wrote a script for cleaning dust out of wallets. And, because some Legacy clients have been going off chain I wrote a script for comparing the local chain with the BlackcoinNL hosted explorer. After doing that I simply combined them all into a single script with the other scripts I use regularly.

I put symlinks into /usr/local/bin/ for blackmored, blackmore-cli, and blk (the script below). This simple shell script that improves my security (by not saving my password in a file or memory), and simplifies regular tasks.

The alias alias blkc='blackmore-cli' in .bashrc is useful as well.

Make sure you chmod 700 $USER all-the-things (or 755)



usage="Usage: blk [ info | stake | latest | dust | past24 ] \n \n
	info: Check basic info. \n
	stake: Enables staking; Passes password without storing it in memory. \n
	latest: Compares latest block with the BlackcoinNL hosted block explorer. \n
	dust: Prunes dust from wallet. Dust is defined as less than .0001BLK. Requires jq. \n
	past24: Shows staking numbers from the past 24hrs. \n"

blkc='/usr/local/bin/blackmore-cli -datadir=/var/lib/.blackmore/'

case $1 in

info )
	$blkc getwalletinfo | egrep "balance|staked_balance|txcount|unconfirmed_balance|immature_balance|total_balance";
	$blkc getnetworkinfo | egrep "subversion|connections";
	$blkc getinfo | egrep "blocks";
	$blkc getblockchaininfo | egrep "best";
	$blkc getstakinginfo | egrep "enabled|staking|netstakeweight|expectedtime";

stake )
	echo 'enter Blackcoin Password'
	read -s BLKPW
	$blkc walletpassphrase $BLKPW 99999999 true

latest )
	latest=$($blkc  getblockcount) && \
	    blacksight=$(curl -s$latest? |  cut -d '"' -f4) && \
	    blackmore=$($blkc  getblockhash $latest) && \
	    diff -sy --label Local <(echo $blackmore) --label Explorer <(echo $blacksight)

dust )

	$blkc listtransactions "*" 99999 | jq -r '.[] | select(.category != "send") | select(.amount < .0001) | .txid' | uniq >txid.txt

	while read line; do
	        echo $line 
	        $blkc removeprunedfunds $(echo $line)
	done < "txid.txt"

past24 )
	latest=$($blkc getblockcount)
	since=$(expr $latest - 1350)
	hash=$($blkc getblockhash $since)
	past24=$($blkc listsinceblock $hash | jq -r '.[] | .[] | select(.confirmations > 0) | select(.amount = 0) .confirmations' 2> /dev/null | wc -l)

	total=$($blkc getwalletinfo | jq -r ' .total_balance | round')
	per10k=$(echo "scale=2; $past24/($total/10000)" | bc -l)
	echo $past24 stakes over the past 24hrs...   "$per10k" per 10k BLK...

    echo -e $usage


jq is required for the dust pruning script, and can be found via your favorite package manager.

Blackcoin-Legacy (Windows)

The script below is almost exactly the same as the blk latest command above, but it's written with blackcoind.exe for Windows, which is not in the user PATH.

I don't use Windows, but I'm told the easiest way to get bash on Windows is to install

Then you can just copy paste this line (while in the directory with blackcoind.exe):

latest=$(./blackcoind.exe getblockcount) && \
	blacksight=$(curl -s$latest? |  cut -d '"' -f4) && \
	blackcoin=$(./blackcoind.exe getblockhash $latest) && \
	diff -sy  --label Local  <(echo $blackcoin)  --label Explorer <(echo $blacksight)


Mac dropped their old OS for Unix a while back, so the script at the top should work just fine for Blackcoin-More, and can be adjusted for Blackcoin-Legacy if needed.

Again, jq does not come installed, so you need to pick that up:

  1. First, install the brew package manager: (Link)
  2. brew install jq


Install from:

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