Bootstrap the Blockchain! Cannot Sync!

Bootstrap the Blockchain! Cannot Sync!

Q: Hi, I just installed a (non-gui) wallet on my server, how do i bootstrap? And, where can I check whether it’s finished syncing?

Bootstraping a gui or non-gui wallet/client works exactly the same!

FYI: a "non-gui wallet" is a Command Line Interface (CLI) Client pair: blackcoin-cli and blackcoind, or blackmore-cli and blackmored. read more

If you are looking for a bootstrap, here is one uploaded by MvK in late Feb 2021. -->

The Bootstrap file is zipped (bootstrap_blackcoin_<reversed_date>.zip) and the SHA256 checksum can be found inside the zip file.

Q: Hi, I am running the Blackcoin Legacy wallet v1.2.x or BlackHalo, but the sync doesn't finish! What can I do?

The legacy v1.2.x wallet is not supported anymore, you should upgrade to Blackcoin More, please visit for more info.

That being said, if you really must sync the old wallet, for some reason, there is a snapshot available uploaded by MvK in Feb.2021 -->

This snapshot CAN ONLY be used with the Legacy v1.2.x and BlackHalo wallet. Use at your OWN RISK

Whatever you do, make sure you have a working backup of your wallet.dat

Blackcoin More should load very quickly without using a bootstrap.

Once you have a copy of the bootstrap.dat, just save it into an empty data directory.

  • Linux:
  • Windows:
  • Mac:
    ~/Library/Application Support/blackcoin/
    ~/Library/Application Support/blackmore/

Then you just need to start it up!

You can tell it's done when the bootstrap.dat is renamed to bootstrap.dat.old after import.

If you want to see how things are getting along there are a few ways to check the most current block:

The "Debug Window" (in the dropdown menu) is a CLI inside the GUI (qt) client. So these commands work for both GUI and CLI clients. Use getinfo or getblockchaininfo and look for “blocks”.

Once you know what block you are up to compare that with "Block Height" on a blockchain explorer.

The debug.log in your data directory also shows a full list of blocks (labeled as “height”), and the timestamp of those blocks in UTC time.

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