Check current block height and compare with block explorer.

Check current block height and compare with block explorer.

Older clients may have trouble connecting to the network to synchronize if you have not connected in a long time.

What are blocks?

Blocks are the growing list of records that make up a "blockchain". They are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data represented as a Merkle tree.

If something goes wrong with a client it is possible for that it may stop processing block, or more rarely, get on a "forked chain" of wrong blocks.

Checking Block Height

You can do this from your client-qt application's Debug console (blackcoin-qt, blackmore-qt), or the cli application (blackcoind or blackmored), or by checking your configuration file.

Using the Debug Console or CLI

You can find the debug window under the help dropdown menu (HELP -> DEBUG WINDOW). Open your console window. If you are using CLI I assume you know how to issue commands.

Use any of these commands:

  • getinfo
  • getblockhash
  • getblockchaininfo

Do not use <> around the IP address!

Using debug.log

Find the latest blocks in the `debug.log` file in your data directory.

Data directory locations:

  • Linux:
  • Windows:
  • Mac:
    ~/Library/Application Support/blackcoin/
    ~/Library/Application Support/blackmore/

The debug.log in your data directory also shows a full list of blocks (labeled as “height”), and the timestamp of those blocks in UTC time.

World Clock

Compare with Block Explorer

Once you know what block you are up to compare that with "Block Height" on a blockchain explorer.

If you are using a command line interface client and bash, you can also use the script found here!

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