Dump and Import Wallet Private Keys

Dump and Import Wallet Private Keys

When you want to migrate from the legacy Blackcoin Original software client to the new Blackcoin More software client it is possible to maintain the original addresses and export them from the old wallet and import them into the new wallet.

Note: Before proceeding, make sure to run the Blackcoin More software client and completely sync the blockchain with the network. Close the client when done, so it doesn't conflict with the legacy wallet.

  1. Open the legacy wallet and create a backup copy of your wallet.dat file. You can either do this via the menu (File > Backup wallet…) or shutdown the wallet and directly copy the wallet.dat file from your data directory.

Default data directories are listed below, for both Blackcoin Legacy and Blackcoin More:

  • Linux:
  • Windows:
  • Mac:
    ~/Library/Application Support/BlackCoin/
    ~/Library/Application Support/Blackmore/
  1. In the legacy wallet, unlock your wallet by going to the menu (Setting > Unlock Wallet). UNCHECK the "for staking only" option.

  2. From the debug console (help > debug console) type dumpwallet /path/to/keys.txt on Linux and macOS or something like dumpwallet c:\somedirectory\keys.txt on Windows and hit Enter.

  3. If you don't specify a directory but only the filename keys.txt, the file will be written in the folder from where you started the program (e.g. Blackcoin-qt.exe).

  4. Close the legacy wallet and check if the keys.txt is saved on disk.

  5. Now start the Blackcoin More software. Please make sure it is 100% synced with the network.

  6. At this point you should have an empty wallet.dat file, with no transactions.

  7. In the Blackcoin More software, go to the debug console (help > debug console) and type importwallet /path/to/keys.txt or c:\somedirectory\keys.txt to "rescan" the new wallet.dat with the blockchain. Check if your funds and transactions are correct.

  8. In case you get "Cannot open wallet dump file (code -8)", move the keys.txt file to the directory where you started the Blackcoin More client (e.g. Blackmore-qt.exe) and type importwallet keys.txt

  9. Now go to Settings > Encrypt wallet… and assign a new password to the new wallet.dat

  10. Restart and unlock your wallet to verify your new password and make a backup of the new wallet.dat file. Store it in a safe location. The backup of the new wallet.dat file will only be compatible with Blackcoin More !

  11. Delete the keys.txt file when finished and verified that all funds are correct! Storing private keys in plain text is a security risk!

Using a CLI interface is basically the same. I expect you can figure that out if you are using one.

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