Upgrading to Blackcoin-More!

Upgrading to Blackcoin-More!

If you are running Blackcoin Lore 2.12.x  you should upgrade to Blackcoin More!

Technically you can use the old location:

  • ~/.lore # Linux
  • C:\Users\<userprofile>\AppData\Roaming\Lore  # Windows

This is what I did, but others suggest to start from scratch, that way you have a new wallet.dat with the newest format and a fresh blockchain synced into the default Blackcoin More folder.

  • ~/.blackmore # Linux
  • C:\Users\<userprofile>\AppData\Roaming\Blackmore # Windows

Note. Before upgrading, please check if your local funds match with the BLK blockchain Explorer -  https://chainz.cryptoid.info/blk/  - It there is a difference, please read the following article -  https://blackcoin.nl/blackcoin-more-client-v2-13-2-5/

You are running the Original 1.2.x wallet and want to upgrade to Blackcoin More

The Original Blackcoin Client is not obsolete - it is slow and steady. Upgrading to Blackcoin-More is not essential, nor recommended. It is purely optional.  

If you are interested in trying out the Blackcoin-More client, read on!

The differences between the versions is big. Their configuration and blockchain data is not compatible! When you install Blackcoin More, use the default (or empty) folder, let it download the blockchain again and send your funds to the new wallet.

Make sure you backup both wallets. The default locations for both wallets are:

Original Blackcoin

  • ~/.blackcoin # Linux
  • C:\Users\<userprofile>\AppData\Roaming\Blackcoin # Windows


  • ~/.blackmore # Linux
  • C:\Users\<userprofile>\AppData\Roaming\Blackmore # Windows

You cannot use one location for the other by choosing that location. Please keep 'm separated!

You are running an older version of Blackcoin More you should upgrade to the latest Blackcoin More!

Just download the latest Blackcoin More form https://blackcoinmore.org and unzip the files. Please backup you wallet.dat before starting the new software.

Same note applies, please check if your local funds match with the BLK blockchain Explorer -  https://chainz.cryptoid.info/blk/  - It there is a difference, please read the following article -  https://blackcoin.nl/blackcoin-more-client-v2-13-2-5/


When you say the versions are not compatible, do you mean I cannot use a wallet.dat from the original Blackcoin with Blackmore?

That is correct! The files are created with a different Berkeley DB version. Blackcoin Original uses 5.3.28 and Blackcoin More uses 6.2.38. You cannot use wallet.dat from the original Blackcoin with Blackcoin More

And, because the Blockchain itself is also downloaded in a different matter, you cannot use both clients with the same Blockchain data folder.

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