A dust attack affects Blackcoin clients since Sept. 2020

A dust attack affects Blackcoin clients since Sept. 2020

Update Dec. 30th: Blackcoin More v2.13.2.7 released! Download from https://blackcoinmore.org

Update Nov. 23th: attacks are continuing, test release launched!

Update Oct. 29th: these attacks have continued since this article was written!

As a result, many are choosing to upgrade to the Blackcoin More client after their Legacy Blackcoin clients experienced forking from the main chain due to the dust attack.

If we look at  https://www.stakingrewards.com/earn/blackcoin/metrics we can see the total network weight dropped twice. From September 13th to September 19th total netstakeweight dropped from over 30% to around 16%.

In the past days we saw a drop again. Currently we are around 17% netstakeweight. We suspect that the older clients have somehow crashed or forked.

We hope that people notice that their client is running on a forked chain by comparing their transactions to a public Blockchain Explorer.

Learn how with this article!

People running Blackcoin More should upgrade to v2.13.2.7 and can be downloaded from https://blackcoinmore.org. When you run this test , your node won't accept the dust transactions in the mempool. The more people use it, the less effective these attacks will be! Spread the news!

If you find your client has been affected, you should be able to bootstrap your Legacy client and reload your wallet.dat. But is seems that this doesn't always work. If you get stuck around Sept/Oct 2020, please migrate to Blackcoin More

You may need to manually add nodes!

After that, you can either continue on the Blackcoin Legacy client, but we highly recommend you upgrade to Blackcoin More.

A fast and recommended way of doing this is to dump your keys from Legacy and import them into More.

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